Erykah Thermeus

“The Neve Project Scholarship is absolutely a blessing. My work towards a bachelor’s degree in Biology, and my endeavor to conduct research and help those with autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases is made possible by the Neve Project’s effort to support students working towards degrees in STEM majors.”

A young woman smiling at the camera, she has on an orange sweatshirt and black pants, she stands in front of a snake statue

Erykah Thermeus is a dedicated second-year Biology major at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Erykah is a Haitian American who is deeply committed to positively contributing to her community. Her pursuit of a career in medicine and engagement in research is motivated by personal experiences with a chronic skin condition as well as observations of health challenges within her community. These experiences have solidified Erykah’s resolve to pursue a path that integrates her interests in medicine and research.

Throughout her academic journey, Erykah has actively participated in various organizations, including Black Women in Medicine, and has served as a STEM outreach leader. She has secured an internship in forensics, showcasing her commitment to expanding practical experiences and knowledge. Currently, Erykah is engaged in her first data science research project, slated for presentation in 2024, and she eagerly anticipates the possibility of future publications.
Looking forward, Erykah aims to deepen her involvement in undergraduate research and internship opportunities. She prioritizes building a robust network to support her educational and career goals. Through her endeavors, Erykah seeks to inspire and empower others while advancing towards her aspiration of a career in medicine.