Alice Queiroz

Alice is an engineering student at Texas A&M University, currently navigating the unique Entry to a Major (ETAM) a unique process required for all engineering undergraduates that lets students explore multiple degree options in the first year. Her ambition is to specialize in electrical engineering, this fueled by her keen interest in healthcare technologies, quantum computing, and, more recently, energy solutions. Alice's academic journey is characterized by her desire to explore various fields within engineering, with the ultimate goal of focusing on technology project management and entrepreneurship.

Born in Brazil and having spent 13 years in Dubai before returning to Brazil during the COVID-19 pandemic, Alice brings a wealth of diverse experiences and cultural insights to her studies. These experiences have enriched her life, introducing her to remarkable individuals and opening up unparalleled opportunities. A defining aspect of Alice's personality is her zest for life, closely knit family ties, and a preference for warm weather, often finding solace and inspiration under the sun.

Art holds a special place in Alice's heart, manifesting through her love for painting, drawing, and appreciating beauty in all forms. Motivated by a fear of lost time, she prioritizes meaningful interactions over digital distractions, cherishing moments with loved ones. Alice's optimistic outlook and perpetual enthusiasm make her a vibrant member of the Texas A&M community. She looks forward to engaging in individual projects, participating in idea competitions, and incubator programs during her college career, laying the groundwork for her future ambitions.